Camp Wild Child is not a kids 4 Kids Kahuna Day Camp. It is supported by Kids 4 Kids and Scott Graham and is recommended to be a high quality  environmental leadership camp that follows the same values and structure of a K4K camp.

Connor Parkin, the director the Camp Wild Child is a graduate of Trent University, holding a degree in environmental sciences, and is an Ontario certified teacher, with a masters in elementary education. Connor has been involved in the Kids 4 Kids Leadership Program and Camp Kahuna since he was six years old. He has a passion for helping children develop a positive character and an awarenesses for the environment. Connor has developed a comprehensive environmental program that focuses on environmental leadership. It is a program developed and implemented solely by Connor Parkin and his staff.

Camp Wild Child, offers creative play, exploration and adventure as campers work together in small groups throughout their week to complete various challenges and tasks that focus on the natural environment around them. Campers are introduced to a variety of nature-based issues and activities. Identifying animals, insects and plants, and discuss how to keep the our environment healthy and sustainable. Campers learn about biodiversity, habitats, tracking and trailing, water stewardship, endangered and invasive species, traditional ecological knowledge, mapping the creation of nature-related art and all natural crafts all while delivering the message of how they can play a role in fostering our environment and promoting environmental awareness. We encourage campers to have fun and play safe, all the while nurturing their connection to nature and allowing them to feel at home outdoors. 

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Cell phone: ‭(289)-208-1547