Our Leader in Training Program

To apply for an Extreme Team position please fill out the following online application:  IMPORTANT: Please note you may need to insert your parents birth date when you initially create your account.


The Extreme Team 2019

The Extreme Team Program is our Leader in Training program designed to help youth, ages 14 and 15 years of age, develop leadership skills that they will need to become camp counsellors. Applicants are not coming to work or volunteer at camp. The program is an extension of the Kids 4 Kids Leadership program and summer camp.

Leadership in Training

IMPORTANT: If you are registering for the first time please access the summer camp registration link and register for the camps you wish to attend. First time applicants pay the full camp tuition.

If you are a returning Extreme Team, DO NOT register online. You need to send me a resume with the dates of camps you wish to attend. Returning Extreme Team members receive a $100 credit per camp that they can use toward the half or full-week sleep-away camp. For example: If you are at four camps you receive $200 off your fee.  There is no charge for day camps for returning Extreme Team members.

Volunteers are 16 years of age or older. There is no charge for day camps.



  • You learn valuable leadership skills that are tailored to your age group

  • You participate in activities designed for the Extreme Team

  • You receive an Extreme Team t-shirt as a form of identification.

  • You will receive a letter of reference at the end of the summer for participating in the Extreme Team program that has your volunteer hours included.

  • You build an alliance of friendships and connections.

  • Leader Time: You are taught games and activities that will help you develop your skills as you learn about communication, planning, teamwork, and other parts of leadership.

  • Group Discussions: You will be expected to lead a small group discussion on a leadership topic of your choice. i.e, bullying, youth leadership, character building.

  • One to one: You will get one to one attention from the camp directors helping you develop your leadership style and increase your ability as a leader.

All Extreme Team candidates must apply by submitting a resume to the Kids 4 Kids office at kids@kids4kids.ca

teenage leadership program


If you are 12 or year 13 years of age and are interested in developing your leadership skills to the next level you can take part in the Bead-le training program. You will be giving leadership opportunities to practice your new skills. You do not get an Extreme Team shirt, nor do you benefit from the Extreme Team pricing. You are still campers, but campers who are ready to develop their skills to the next level. You will be part of a bead program. This program rewards members each time they complete a leadership task. You can earn specific beads for specific leadership skills. For example:

  • RED BEAD – Game leading bead
  • BLUE BEAD – Pool supervision and activity planner
  • GOLD BEAD – Displaying exceptional leadership skills
  • PURPLE BEAD – Campfire program