Upon registration with Camp Kahuna,  you agree to the terms and conditions or registration, which includes agreeing to the Non-refundable deposit per registration. 

Please note: This deposit covers processing fees, which are non-recoupable to Camp Kahuna. In addition, these fees remain in place should cancelations occur due to or around COVID-19. 


CANCELING BEFORE July 1st: Cancelations processed before July 1st , 2022 will be subject to a full refund of registration fees, minus a reduced $25.00/per child, non-refundable deposit for day camps and $50.00 for our sleep away camp. Please note: typical non-refundable deposit is $50.00 for day camps and $100 for our sleep-away camp.

CANCELING AFTER July 1st: Cancelations processed after July 1st, 2022, will be subject to a full $50.00 non-refundable deposit per camp/per child fo day camps and $100.00 for our sleep away camp.

CANCELING a WEEK BEFORE CAMP: If you cancel a week before a day camp, you forfeit all your fees. If you cancel a month before the sleep away camp, you forfeit your entire fee.

RAINY DAYS AT CAMP – Camp is on whether rain or shine. My staff prepare rainy day activities for our campers. If parents cancel because of the weather, there are no refunds or make-up days. The camps this summer are full and we are unable to transfer campers into other weeks of camp as an alternative.

We play in the rain. As long as children are dressed for the weather, they will have a great time.

CANCELING FOR A MEDICAL REASON:  Should a cancelation occur due to a medical reason, Camp Kahuna requires a note from a medical professional in order to receive a full refund, minus one $50.00 non refundable deposit. 

IMPORTANT: If the government permits day camps to run, and a cancelation is requested the above policies remain implemented. 

Governmental Closure: Should the government initiate a closure of all summer camps due to COVID-19, families will receive a full credit for their entire fee. This credit can be used for any future Kids 4 Kids camp, after school program or summer session.

MISSING CAMP due to COVID-19 – Should a camper not return to camp due to a COVID-19 related issue, families will only be charged for the days they are in attendance. Remaining day will be returned to the family via camp credit, not a refund. 


    QUESTION? If you have questions about camp please first phone Camp Kahuna secretaries at (905)-491-6881.


    OUR FACILITY: Camp Kahuna takes the health and safety of our campers seriously. Camp Kahuna follows the most current health and safety policies mandated by the provincial government, in addition to further health and safety measures. 

    Health and Safety at Camp Kahuna 

    • Increased hand washing and sanitizing stations placed throughout camp. Hand hygiene stations are easily accessible to each camp group
    • Washrooms (porto-potties) are equipped with hand washing sinks, including soap and sanitizers. 
    • Camp Kahuna has purchased a Fogger, which will be used in accordance with provincial guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing of high contact surfaces, equipment and facilities. 
    • Camp kahuna is equipped with proper PPE: anti-bacteria soap, masks, hand sanitizer, and anti-bacteria cleaner.
    • All Staff have received proper training on COVID-19 protocols and policies.

    COVID-19 Camp process


    • Upon arrival at camp, staff are required to submit a self-screening assessment. Results are recorded appropriately. 
    • Staff receive a temperature checked each morning. 
    • Should a staff member not feel 100% they are required to stay home. Should a staff member feel ill at camp, they will be asked to go home and follow appropriate health and safety recommendations prior to returning to camp. 


    • Families will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening before arrival at camp. 
    • Should a camper feel ill before or during camp, they will either not be permitted to attend camp or be sent home to follow appropriate health and safety recommendations. 
    • If a camper has been around anyone who has COVID, they are not permitted to attend camp and must stay at home for following health and safety recommendations. 


    • Upon pick up and drop off at Camp Kahuna, families are asked to follow direction of parking lot attendance and signage. When dropping of your child please adopt the “kiss and Ride” model.  This is to limit congestion via vehicles, in addition to reducing gatherings of people at drop off and pick up. 

    Camp Kahuna Cohorts – Following Provincial Guidelines : .

    Group locations: Each cohort will include 11 campers, 1 senior leader and 1 Extreme Team member. These cohorts will be given their own campsite where they will be socially distanced from each group following provincial regulations.  

    MASKS: Camp Kahuna will be following public health guidelines for mask wearing. Masks are not required for an outdoor camp.

    INCIDENT/ACCIDENT: We take the safety of our campers seriously, and will do everything in our power to ensure the children are safe. If there is a signifiant injury or incident i.e. physical incident with another camper or bullying, we will let you know immediately. The details of the incident will be recorded by my staff. We do not report minor issues like cuts, scraps, minor falls, etc.


    In the event of a heat advisory while our campers on on our property we will adhere to the following process:

    • We will ensure all our campers have access to drinking water. If a child has not brought a water bottle to camp, we will provide them with one.
    • Our campers will stop every 30 minutes for a drink of water.
    • Our campers will not play active games that involve running or a lot of exertion.
    • Passive games will be played in the shade.
    • We will program additional water activities throughout the day.
    • Campers will be able to access the creek, pool and water mushroom throughout the camp day.
    • We will buy our campers freezies to cool them down.
    • Staff will check-in with their campers frequently to ensure they are hydrated and have been drinking water.

    If parents decide not to send their children to camp because of inclement weather refunds are not issued.

    SWIMMING: Swimming will take place in camp cohorts. Each cohort will have a schedules swim time (pool, creek and water mushroom)  Certified life guards are present at all times. All campers are required to take swim test.  If a camper is 5 years of age or under, they will be required to be in a life jacket or puddle jumper at all times. 

    CAMP TOILETS: Camp kahuna is equipped with three portable toilets including hand washing stations inside. Regular Maintenance will be completed on these washrooms including cleaning and sanitization by Chandlers environmental services. 

    CAMP KAHUNA HYIGENE & CLEANING PROTCOLS: Camp Kahuna is equipped with hand washing stations across the property which will include soap/water, and sanitizer. Hand hygiene will be strictly monitored and encourage by staff. 

      • Facilities and equipment will be cleaned regularly by designated camp cleaning staff. Cleaning measures include, disinfecting equipment before and after usage of camp cohorts, high contact surface bacterial fogging which kills 99% of surface bacteria.  
      • Cleaning products stored appropriately and available for use by senior staff for appropriate usage. 

    SICK CAMPERS: Should a camper fall sick or display signs of sickness during camp, public health and safety measures will be followed as outlined below: 

      • Camper will immediately separated from their cohort and taken to designated isolation area. 
      • Camper and staff will be wearing required PPE as advised by public health, and will remain socially distanced. 
      • Parents will be contacted by camp director immediately. 
      • Contact tracing will be documented as per Ontario regulations 
      • Families will be contacted as advised by public health. 
      • Camper and family will be contact following camp day regarding next steps 
      • Camper will not be permitted to return to camp until a positive COVID-19 test is provided to Camp Kahuna.

    Special Needs Campers: 

    There are no specific policies outlined Camp Kahuna puts every effort forward to accommodate campers with special needs.  Camp Kahuna does not identify any stringent policies regarding campers with special needs, as several factors determine whether we can provide a safe, suitable environment. . Suitability and capabilities vary depending on the number of campers and staff we have on site.  Camp Kahuna will ensure all campers are successful and safe and will do everything we can to ensure safety and camp quality. Therefore, if you have a special needs child and wish them to attend a Camp Kahuna camp, please contact us and we will review each case independently. Unfortunately, we do not offer one to one care for special needs campers. This service would need to be provided by the caregiver.

    Behavior Challenges:

    Should behavioral challenges be presented by campers at Camp Kahuna, the following process is defined: 

    1.We talk to the camper to see what the difficulty is and relate our expectations
    2. If the behavior continues the child will have a time out, missing a few minutes of an activity
    3. If the behavior continues we will contact a parent or guardian to inform them of what is going on and ask for suggestions
    4. If the behavior continues the child will talk to their parent
    5. If the behavior continues the child goes home for a day or for the rest of the week depending on the behavior

    We want all children to be successful and will work with the child and parent to ensure this success. We do have to consider the other campers and if a camper’s behavior is affecting other campers, it is then we must decide whether a child stays at camp or goes home.

    There are specific behaviours we send campers home for: physically hurting other campers, endangering campers, ongoing deviance.


    Camp Kahuna works diligently to ensure that all camp families are satisfied with the quality of our camp program. Should there be any concern, comments or questions with the camp program, camp staff or campers, please take these up with our lead staff, who work onsite Camp Kahuna. We are always interested in constructive criticism as we want our camp to exceed your expectations.

    Face to Face: If you have a concern or question about camp we would prefer to talk to you face to face. Emails do not have “tone” and can be misinterpreted.


    Camp Kahuna is a peanut free facility. Camp Kahuna buys all food for sleep-away camps ensuring that it is peanut-free. We clean our kitchen area thoroughly and do everything we can to eliminate contaminants. Our facility is used by other camps, so we do everything possible to reduce risk. Day camps are also Peanut free. We ask that parents do not send their campers with items containing or may contain peanuts. 


    Camp Kahuna provides safe and accessible drinking water stations around our facility. It is critical that you send a refillable water bottle to camp with your camper each day.


    (Sleep away)

    Camp Kahuna can accommodate some special diets at our sleep-away camps. 

      • Gluten sensitive
    • Dairy sensitive/Lactose intolerant
    • Vegetarian
    • Halal
    • Peanut-free
    • Tree-nut free
    • Sesame
    • Soy

    We cannot accommodate the following diets because of the limits of our facility – celiac, kosher, pescatarian, vegan, and complete dairy-free i.e. milk solids etc. in food.



    IMPORTANT: Parents must disclose dietary restrictions. Children have disclosed their dietary needs while at camp, which doesn’t work. We have already bought food. It’s not fair to my kitchen staff to have to go to the store to buy additional food while camp is in progress.

    If parents have disclosed their child’s dietary needs and have paid for this option we have absolutely no problem accommodating. We cannot accommodate dietary requirements which are disclosure while at camp. If this happens parents will be contacted and be required to supply the additional food at their expense.

    We will not accommodate your child’s needs if you have not indicated these needs on the registration form. For example:

    We find that some children are “trying” the gluten-diet, but are not really gluten-sensitive. They can eat regular food. We buy all our food prior to camp and cannot but additional food while camp has begun. Please tell us on the camp application and chose this food sensitivity option when registering. We will be happy to accommodate your children if you follow the proper process.

    Disclosing dietary requirements is important to ensure your child receives meals they can eat and enjoy.



    Cell Phones 

    (Sleepaway Camps) Campers are not permitted to bring cell phones to camp. The reason for this policy is:

    1) cell phones encourage homesickness. It is easy for a child to text or phone a parent when they feel homesick. It can encourage homesickness in others as well.
    2) They can get lost or damaged
    3) They can be used inappropriately, accessing social media sites or inappropriate sites on the web.

    Sunscreen: (Day Camps) It is the parents’ responsibility to put sunscreen on their child prior to day camps starting. Camp Kahuna staff will remind campers throughout the day to reapply the sunscreen. 


    Medication: If a child is on medication during the school year it is recommended that they be on it during the summer.

    (Sleep Away Camp) All medication that comes into Camp Kahuna must be in its original container, labeled with the name of the medication, and dosage. All medication will be handed over to our camp nurse at check-in and given back to you when you check-out. We cannot give a camper medicine if it isn’t in its original container. This is to ensure the safety of all campers.


    Emails: (Both Day Camps and Sleep Away Camps) We will send you daily emails from Camp Kahuna to let you know about what the kids did each day and if there is anything you need to know for the next days at camp.


    Photos: We take a lot of photos at camp. We post these photos on our SMUG MUG page so parents can see what their kids are doing at camp. This site is privacy/password protected. The photos are also sometimes used for promotional purposes. We respect your family’s privacy and wishes. If you do not wish your child to be photographed or have their photo put up on our SMUGMUG site or used for promotional purposes please email camp kahuna prior to camp beginning. This is also an item mentioned when you registered. You can indicate that you do not want your child to be photographed during the registration process.


    Treats: Our campers may receive a treat during day camps. The treats at day camps are usually popsicles or S’mores at our campfire. We try to buy popsicles that are mostly fruit, however, this is not always possible. It depends on availability. We do try to limit the amount of candy/sugary treats served. If your child is not permitted treats or you would like to suggest an alternative treat please let us know prior to camp starting. We respect that some parents wish their children not to have sugary products. We just need to be informed prior to camp starting. All food that comes into Kids 4 Kids is peanut free.




    If your child leaves items at camp we will keep them for one week after camp and then donate the items to a charity. It is the responsibly of parents to contact the camp and pick the items up. If we find items with the name of the camper we will try our best to get the item back to the camper during their stay at camp.

    Staff to Camper Ratio: We have a 7:1 counsellor to camper ratio at our summer camps.


    Nurse: We have a nursing student on site at Camp Kahuna.

    Camp Kahuna Staff are rewuired to have standard first aid and CPR. We have a lifeguard on duty at all times when the campers are swimming at Camp Kahuna.



    We have a 40 by 40 dining tent at our Camp Kahuna day camps. We have access to an indoor facility. We will play in the rain, unless there is lighting. If there are heavy winds or lightning and we may move the campers to the various camp buildings. Parents have the option of not sending their children to camp if they feel that the weather presents a danger. We will always do our best to keep our campers safe. If it looks like a “rainy day,” please make sure your kids are in their rain gear prior to arriving at camp.



    Camp Kahuna Day Camps: When you are dropping your child off for a summer day camp please meet our staff in the camp parking lot and check your child into camp. Parents are to drop their kids off at the drop off zone and leave camp immediately. We do not want parents staying around to socialize. We want to keep the traffic moving and avoid large gatherings.

    If you know you are going to be late please call our lead staff Connor – 289-230-7666 to make arrangements. 

    Camp Kahuna Sleep-Away Camps: The drop-off and pick up times for the full and half week camps will be available on the Camp Kahuna page. Drop off for the August Camp Kahuna is on the Sunday at 12:30 pm for families whose name starts with the letters A to K and 1:15 pm for the families whose name starts with the letters L to Z. Pick up on Friday is anytime between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.