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Camp Kahuna is presently full, however spots do open open.

Place your child on the waitlist and we will contact you once a spot opens up.

Experience the Extraordinary

The Camp Kahuna Sleep Away Camp combines traditional camp activities like swimming, fishing, cooperative games, camp wide themed events with the extraordinary. We have had visits from international recognized BMX Bike  Stunt Teams, rock bands like the Spoons, Kings and Glass Tiger, Olympic medal winners, magicians, animal experts and athletes like Pinball Clemons. Every year we search for presenters who can inspire and motivate our campers. We strive to exceed your expectations.

A Typical Kahuna Overnight Program

We develop unique programs every summer that will inspire children to pursue leadership. We believe everyone has the potential to be a leader. Children just need to understand how to use their personal gifts to help themselves and help others.

We have seen tremendous personal growth in the campers that attend Camp Kahuna. We help them develop the characteristics of a leader: respect, responsibility, taking initiative, integrity and trust. We do this through the activities and workshops we provide.

Our Staff

Our staff are dedicated to the campers who attend Camp Kahuna. They are handed picked by Scott Graham and his lead staff. We want individuals who model and teach leadership. Most of our staff are university age and have had summer camp experience. They all have their police checks, and first aid and CPR training.

Scott Graham, director of Camp Kahuna has received awards from the Governor General of Canada, is a bestselling author of six children’s books and tours Canada teaching students leadership and anti-bullying skills. There are no other camps in Canada that offer the same leadership and direction as Camp Kahuna.

Our Facilities

CAMP SIDRABENE – We rent Camp Sidrabene, for our day camps and for our full-week sleep away camp in August. It is an incredible 65 acre property in north Burlington that is surrounded by the Niagara Escarpment. Our campers sleep in cabins that all have their own washrooms. We have an industrial kitchen, gym, basketball courts and access to an outdoor pool and Bronte Creek that we use for rafting. The property is breathtaking.

Every year we strive to create an incredible camp program because our goal is to provide the most unique and incredible camp experience for the children we serve. We will exceed your expectations.

Camp Sidrabene



Sunday, August 14th to Friday, August 19th, 2022

Location: Camp Sidrabene – Burlington

Cost: $725.00

The camp fee includes accommodations, an incredible camp program and

15 delicious meals.

The campers wake up at 7:30 and are off to the flag pole for morning announcements and the leadership “Thought of the Day.”

8:00 am – Breakfast

After breakfast we offer three workshops that change each day. Past workshops have included visits from celebrities i.e. “Spinner” from Degrassi, Nathan Macleod, star of “Life With Boys”, Bubble Soccer, Magic Workshops, Sports Events, Juggling, Dance, Crafts, Sound Recording, Drama. These workshops change every year. We strive to offer workshops that reinforce leadership concepts.

12 noon – Lunch

Our afternoon is filled with our big camp events.  We have had events like: The Amazing Race, The Zombie Mud Run, Search for Atlantic, Survivor, Hawaaian Luah…

Here is an example:

1:00 pm – Rest Period

2:00 pm – The Great Kahuna Carnival featuring jousting, an inflatable obstacle course, the Eliminator Obstacle Course, a rock wall, the Sports Dome and cotton candy

4:00 pm – Swimming, fishing, campfire cooking workshops.

5:00 pm – Dinner

6:00 pm – Preparation for evening activities

In the evening we have sit down presentations mixed with our dances, bands and campfire programs. Here is an example:

6:30 pm – Capture the Flag

7:00 pm – Camp Rock Band/Dance Party

8:00 pm – The Hypnotist Show

9:00 pm – Survival theme Campfire

10:00 pm – Lights Out

Camp Meals
We strive to give our campers incredibly delicious and nutritious meals. We buy our own food and it is cooked at camp. We have fresh fruit and vegetables at both lunch and dinners. Our breakfasts have been french toast, cereal, bacon and eggs, egg and cheese camp mcmuffins, and omelettes. We give our campers food they like, but that is nutritious. The kids eat in our mess hall for all meals. If there are specific allergies, we try our best to meet campers’ specific needs. All meals are nut free and we have vegetarian options as well as making accommodation for gluten free meals. We will have fruit/snacks available at supervised times during the day, in case a camper is hungry before a meal.
We Will Surpass Your Expectations
My staff and I will do everything possible to meet your expectations and surpass them. We provide an extraordinary camp program, an extremely dedicated staff, a camp nurse, excellent, nutritious food, daily camp emails, and a venue that is beautiful, safe and close to home.

We realize for some parents, it is a big step to let your children to go off on their own to camp for a week. We appreciate your trust and will ensure your children are well fed, cared for and safe. We go beyond what is expected to provide an amazing week of summer camp. Your child will return home with experiences and stories that will be shared for years. We look forward to seeing you at camp.