Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll try to answer your questions here, but if you still need assistance, please contact us.


We’d be happy to help in any way that we can.

1. What is your approach to children and the camping experience?

We believe summer camp provides children with opportunities to grow socially and emotionally, become resilient, raise self esteem and build confidence. We teach leadership skills that will equip children to deal with life’s challenges. This encourages them to help themselves and add value to others with their newly learned information

2. How is Camp Kahuna different from other camps?

We offer both day camps and sleep away camps. At Camp Kahuna, we fuse traditional camp activities with the spectacular. It will be difficult to find another camp that brings in the same quality of performers.

3. What does a typical day of camp look like?

We change our camp program every year so that returning campers experience new activities and performers. Please see our sleep away camp and day camp pages to get an idea of what each day at Camp Kahuna involves.

4. Is Camp Kahuna affiliated with any other organization?

Camp Kahuna is affiliated with the Kids 4 Kids Leadership Program which was established in 1993. Kids 4 Kids Leadership teaches leadership skills to school age children.

5. Is there financial assistance available to help cover camper fees?

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Assistance is at the discretion of the Camp Director. Please contact the camp office for further information.

6. How long has Camp Kahuna been in operation?

Camp Kahuna day camps have been running since 1994. Our sleep away camp has been running since 2000.

7. When should I have my children at camp and when can I pick them up?

You will receive a welcome email that will have specific information about bus times if your child is attending a day camp and pick up and drop off times for our sleep away camp.

8. Where are campers housed?

Our sleep away campers stay in either cabins that have rooms that fit 2 to 3 campers or they are in the main building. The main building is dorm style accommodations. All buildings have indoor washrooms. The campers sleep on 4 inch foam camp mattresses. All campers are required to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow.

9. Who established Camp Kahuna and why?

Scott Graham, founder of the Kids 4 Kids Leadership Program established Camp Kahuna. It is an extension of his desire to help school age children develop leadership skills.

10. Do you have a camp store?

We do not have a camp store, however, campers can order camp shirts and merchandise prior to camp starting. They will receive their camp merchandise at the end of the camp week.

11. Can I send mail or email to my child?

If your child is at our sleep away camp you can give letters to your child’s counselor who would be happy to give them to your child each day. We will send you a daily camp email to let you know how camp is going and fill you in on the daily goings on of camp for both day and sleep away camps.

12. Are there laundry facilities available at camp?

We do not have laundry facilities at camp. We have access to one washer and dryer. In the event a child wets their bed or has clothes that have to be washed we can take care of this for our campers.

13. Do you have a lost and found?

We keep camp lost and found for a week after camp finishes. We put out all lost and found on the last day of camp so parents can retrieve lost items. We recommend putting labels on your child’s clothes. We have partnered with Mabel’s Label. They can be accessed at:

14. What is the staff-to-camper ratio at Camp Kahuna?

Our staff to camper ratio is excellent. It is 6:1.

15. How old are camp staff?

The majority of our senior staff are between the ages of 18 years and 24. We do have a few exceptional 16 and 17 year old students.

16. How are staff selected?

We have senior staff that have been involved in the Kids 4 Kids Leadership Programs for years who eventually graduate from the program and become senior staff. We hire a few leaders every year who have not been part of the Kids 4 Kids Programs. We consider only the best applicants. We collect resumes, call references and check all staff on their social media. Once we have narrowed down our candidates we interview. All applicants must provide a current police check and references.

17. How are staff trained?

The majority of our staff has had years of leadership training through the Kids 4 Kids Leadership Program. All staff must take part in extensive pre-camp training sessions.

18. Are there medical staff on site at camp?

Yes, we have a camp nurse on site at our sleep away camps. We also have a lifeguard on duty while the kids are swimming. All my staff have first aid and their CPR training.

19. Does the camp have a risk management plan?

Yes, we have risk management policies in place. The safety of our campers is extremely important. This policy clearly details the process we follow in the case of emergencies. Emergency procedures are practiced at the beginning of each camp session.

20. Do you offer transportation?

We do not offer transportation to camp. Parents are responsible for driving their children to camp.

21. How does Camp Kahuna handle homesick campers or camper discipline problems?

Homesickness is something that happens at every sleep away camp. We gently help campers with their moments of homesickness and redirect their attention to the activities they will experience at camp. We will not contact you unless we cannot get your child calmed down. We believe all children can get through homesickness issues. We want all campers to complete what they have started and feel successful at the end of each week of camp. In the event that we cannot settle your child down we would phone you and ask for suggestions on how to help your child be successful at camp. We do not allow campers to phone home as this would create a serious problem. It could encourage other campers to be homesick and prevent your child from successfully completing the camp week.

If there is a behavioral issue with a camper we follow the following process:

1) We give the camper a warning so they have the opportunity to correct their behavior

2) The camper receives a time out

3) Parents are called. We ask parents for suggestions on how to correct their child’s behavior. Camper may talk to their parent at this point.

4) Camper is asked to leave camp. If a child is asked to leave camp due to inappropriate behavior there is no refund granted.

22. What is the food like at Camp Kahuna?

The food at our sleep away Kahuna is delicious. We make sure our campers have fruits and vegetables at each main meal and cook incredible meals that are delicious.

23. How do you address food allergies?

We can accommodate picky eaters, vegetarians and gluten sensitivities and dairy allergies. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate kosher or celiac diets. At the facility we have we could not guarantee there wouldn’t be potential contaminates.

24. Do you operate a nut-free facility?

All the food we bring into Camp Kahuna is nut free. We sterilize the kitchen prior to cooking any meal. Our kitchen may have been used by another camp who does not have a peanut free policy. We do our best to ensure the kitchen is as nut free as it can be.

25. What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel priorly to July 21st  you will receive a full refund minus your non refundable deposit. After July 21st there are no refunds. If there is a medical reason for not attending camp then we will refund all your funds minus the nonrefundable deposit. A note from your physician must be submitted to receive a refund.

26. What is the age range of your camp?

We have campers from the age of 4 to 15. The older children are enrolled in the leader-in-training programs. The children who are ages 4 to 6 are in a group with a leader who specializes with age group.

27. How many campers are in each group?

Each cohort with have 10-12 campers with one senior leader and one assistant.

28. What is your process for swimming?

We take the supervision of our campers seriously, especialy around water. We have a qualified lifeguard on duty while the kids are in the pool. All children must take a swim test. Children who are 6 years of age or younger will wear a lifejacket, water wingers or floaty.

29. Shoes at camp

Campers need an extra pair of shoes or boots for the creek. We want all children to have closed toed shoes. this avoids foot injuries.

30. Day Camp Program

Every week at camp is different. We pack our days with cooperative and passive games, crafts, scavenger hunts, creek activities, swimming, campfires and group time. We also have big, fun camp events like Our Let’s Make a Deal Show, Trivia Shows etc.