1. Beach towel and hand towel and cloth for washing
  2. Bathing suit
  3. WHITE SHIRT for Dye dye
  4. Hollywood and Hawaiian dress-up clothing
  5. NEON shirt/clothing for NEON DANCE PARTY
  6. Closed-toed shoes or extra shoes for the creek
  7. Sleeping bag and pillow
  8. Bug spray
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Raincoat and boots
  11. Water bottle – IMPORTANT
  12. Playing cards
  13. Optional: Small desk fan
  14. Warm top – hoodie/sweater/or jacket
  15. Pants
  16. Shirts
  17. Socks
  18. Underwear

Don’t Bring

  1. Snacks/Food items/Candy – we have campers with allergies. Food left in cabins also encourages animal visitors.
  2. All electronic games, players, entertainment and communication devices (i.e. iPods, iPads, etc.)
  3. Cell phones
  4. Knives
  5. Valuables (i.e. jewelry)
  6. Other expensive or potentially harmful items
  7. Pokemon cards
  8. Toys

Please note that the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or narcotics is prohibited and will be treated as a severe offence. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

NO NUTS OR PEANUT PRODUCTS PLEASE, due to the possibility of allergic reaction in others.

Please label all belongings. 


  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Drinks
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Extra shoes or boots for the creek
  • Raincoat, Rain and Boots if it’s raining
  • Close-toed shoes
  • Lifejacket or water-wings for children six years or younger