Other Kids 4 Kids School Presentations

Kids 4 Kids presentations are educational, high energy, informative and fun. Scott Graham explodes onto the stage, captivating his audiences with his passion for learning and leadership. It is unbelievable how quickly Scott Graham connects to students, inspiring them to find their inner leader and to inspire others with their own life lessons.


Kids 4 Kids literacy presentations inspire students to read and write. Scott Graham uses his struggles with reading and writing to captivate students’ imagination and help them find their inner writers. Scott is the author of six best-selling books, has produced a DVD and is a singer/songwriter. He is also an individual who struggled with reading and writing as a result of having ADHD (Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity) and a learning disability. Scott realized at an early age that having ADHD and a learning disability was a gift, not an obstacle. He uses his story to inspire students. He also discusses the process of writing a book and how editing can be your best friend.

Gord Deppe, from the rock group “The Spoons,” has combined efforts with Scott Graham to create an incredible literacy presentation for intermediate students. He talks about how writing music became his voice that led him not only to write songs but also to pen a bestselling book entitled “Spoonfed.” Gord brings his guitar with him, entertains students and staff with acoustic versions of his top ten hits, and talks about his experiences with bands like the Police, Culture Club and Simple Minds. Gord is also the guitarist for the band Flock of Seagulls.

Both Scott and Gord would love to come to your school, meet your students and staff and put on a presentation you will not soon forget. They can be booked individually as well.  If you are interested in a combination of a leadership/anti-bullying presentation, this can be arranged.

Parent Anti-Bullying Workshop
bullyfreeME presentations: Every parent wants to protect their children from bullying. Scott Graham has spent 30 years helping students, staff, and parents learn usable anti-bullying strategies. Educated at the University of Waterloo, Scott has created a powerful and valuable workshop. During this workshop, Scott defines the difference between being mean and bullying and what children are presently being taught. Parents learn usable anti-bullying strategies that can be applied in the playground and online. Scott uses powerful stories that teach the importance of helping children become resilient and empowering them with anti-bullying strategies that work.
Classroom Workshops
The Kids 4 Kids Classroom workshops are designed to teach students leadership skills. The first session helps define leadership and the characteristics of a leader. These include Respect, Responsibility, Initiative, Integrity, Honesty and Trust. The second and third sessions discuss anti-bullying strategies, and the four sessions discuss anger management and peer pressure. Each session is an hour designed to help develop a positive classroom environment and encourage students to develop their leadership skills by assisting other students with what they have learned. The sessions are interactive and fun.
Classroom Workshops
The Kindergarten Music and Story Presentation:  Scott Graham has designed a presentation specifically for junior and senior kindergarten students. Scott incorporates his storytelling abilities with his singing talents to educate and entertain.

Students learn the difference between teasing and bullying, tattling versus telling and how they can become leaders. This presentation is an excellent start to the school journey.

Camp Staff Presentations
Virtual Presentations: All of Scott’s presentations can be presented virtually. Scott has presented to schools across Canada virtually. Presentations are engaging, high energy and give usable anti-bullying strategies that inspire leadership.
Classroom Workshops
The Kids 4 Kids Parent Workshops focus on teaching leadership to children and how leadership builds residency in children. Parents will also learn usable anti-bullying strategies.
Camp Staff Presentations
Summer Camp Workshops: Scott Graham has created an incredible summer camp staff workshop. It includes programming ideas, campfire programs, teaching leadership to children and anti-bullying strategies. It is a must for every camp staff. Scott manages Camp Kahuna, which most 1500 campers each summer. Camp Kahuna is successful because of the great programming, care and quality of its camp.

Book Canada’a best anti bullying presentation. Email the Kids 4 Kids Office at kids@kids4kids.ca