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In the 1980’s Scott Graham was the lead singer in a popular band named “Channel 5”. Their claim to fame was winning the Q107 Homegrown contest twice and recording with Paul Northfield, sound engineer to the Police, David Bowie, Rush and Brian Adams, to name a few. “Break the Chains” and “Tell Me Why” are two of the songs engineered by Paul Northfield. The keyboards were played by Mychael Danna, who recently won an Oscar for writing the sound score for Life of Pi and Camelot. Scott Graham has released a solo album entitled “Little Heroes” and worked with Alan Frew from the band Glass Tiger and Kenny McLean from Platinum Blonde. Scott Graham is still writing music and recording his music.


We recorded this song in many recording studios in the Toronto area. It is one of my favourites. We recorded at Metalworks, where I met Gil Moore from Triumph and the singer from Helix. I bumped into Liona Boyd at Sounds Interchange as well. It was the decade of long hair, mullets and great music.


I recorded “We Are the Children” with Alan Frew of the band Glass Tiger. I recorded the song in his condo located in Toronto. It was a pleasure to work with Alan. He had a lot of great stories, like when Rod Stewart asked if he could sing on his Thin Red Line album. Who wouldn’t say “yes!” I got Alan to come to Alexander’s Public School to do a motivational talk for the students. He had all the teachers dancing to his hit, “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone.” It was a blast.


“Heroes of Hope” was a song written for the Moo Moo Chicken DVD recorded at ADS Media in Hamilton. Kenny McLean of the band Platinum Blonde sang on this song.

I took three children to sing this song. It was amazing how technology could make three children sound like a choir of children. This song is dedicated to Matthew Stone, an amazing young man who lost his battle with cancer.


We entered this song in a CFNY Band competition. It is a compelling song with a great feel. While recording this song, we were at Grant Avenue studios in Hamilton when a rough-looking gentleman came into the room where we were sitting and asked if we would like to hear a band he had just finished recording. We listened in awe as the song was “Pride,” and the band was U2. The gentleman was Daniel Lanois, U2’s producer.


“Look Away” was recorded at Metal Works and Mastered at Le Studio in Montreal with Paul Northfield. This is one of my favourite songs.


“Little Heroes” was recorded in Hamilton at a friend’s studio. The plan was to create a simple album with guitar and vocals. We ended up making an album with percussion, keyboards and violin. Kenny McLean of the band “Platinum Blonde” helped me with the background vocal tracks. He was a great guy to work with. He had a fantastic sense of humour and was very professional. I had Kenny come to my sleepaway camp to sing around the campfire. He was terrific with the kids.

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