My presentation at the Vienna International School was fantastic. We stayed in the old part of Vienna with its historic buildings. The city is filled with years of history. People were busily walking, driving and biking through the city. It was like watching a giant game of chicken as people weaved in and around traffic and pedestrians.

I took a taxi to the school and arrived at the front gates, where I met a security guard who requested my passport. I just realized the school was for children of UN delegates and dignitaries.

The librarian met me at the school office and brought me to the library, where I met two grade five classes. The children were from every part of the world: Africa, Finland, Korea, the US and Australia, to name a few.

During my presentation, I chose a boy named Max to perform my finger guillotine exercise. The child must put their finger in the guillotine and hope I don’t chop it off. The teacher looked slightly concerned but wished I wouldn’t chop this boy’s finger off. The routine went well, the kids enjoyed it, and no fingers were lost in the exercise. After the kids left, the teacher asked, “Why if all kids did you pick Max.”

Max turned out to be part of the royal family of Leichistein. The teacher was worried about an international incident.

After my two presentations, the students were all looking for my autograph. I didn’t want to keep the students from their classes, so I told them the autographs were overrated. I saw a posted note on the wall as I was leaving the library. It was from one of the students. It read, “Sign here, Scott.”. I met the culprits in the hallway. It was funny.

I ended my time at the school by having lunch with the students in their dining hall. Performing for these kids was a fantastic experience.

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